Companies and Products

Emerton Foods (Pty) Ltd

Manufacturing and Packaging of Food

Our manufacturing and foods groups design, manufacture and package food based on customer specification. Emerton group maintains a closed-loop and robust packaging process with leading manufacturers providing a solution to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations with quality food at a fair price.

Emerton Technologies (Pty) Ltd

Different Technologies for Your Business

Our professional and experienced technology team makes use of frameworks, methodologies and processes to gain productivity and efficiencies. We work with people who are passionate and dedicated about their profession. We partner with people who have deep knowledge of various technological products and tools, people who stay abreast of latest technology trends and have the capability to offer solutions that meet customer’s requirements. Also, our people are cultural fit with our customers and company, working together as a team to solve technological issues from the complex down to the most mundane.

Emerton Finance (Pty) Ltd

Projects, Working Capital and Short-Term Finance

Emerton Group has confidence in the financial system. We trust the marketplace to reward well-managed organizations and our strategy has been successful. From our earliest investing and financing years, Emerton Group has developed an exceptional reputation for identifying underperforming or undervalued companies by helping them with financial solutions and transforming their fortunes. Emerton Group is aware of the signals its investment decisions send to global markets as visible votes of stability and optimism. Emerton Group’s portfolio of banking and financial holdings is substantial and incorporates the best financial institutions.

Emerton Logistics (Pty) Ltd

Movement of Goods and Services

The main objectives of our logistics is to help companies to achieve their mission of delivering goods and services by making sure their mission is accomplished through customer and quality satisfaction. We employ and manage our teams of qualified and trained personnel who are professionals in the following specialties:

Key Capabilities

  • Distribution and warehouse management.
  • Vehicle and equipment maintenance.
  • Depot level maintenance and supply support.
  • Transportation of goods and services.

Emerton Properties (Pty) Ltd

Emerton Group has enjoyed huge success investing in hotels and real estate management companies serving the highest market levels. The premier luxury hotel sector continues to perform well. Because it’s not only about their successful cultivation of getting repeat customers but a growing number of travelers taking advantage of the best accommodation. Emerton Group’s determination to seek out the best performers in key growth sectors like the hotel industry and its ability to track trends has helped us achieve our reputation as a foremost value investor.

Both Residential and Office Spaces

The acquisition of properties has been a priority for Emerton Group. We have a distinctive history of investing in residential, office spaces and iconic real estate holdings. Some are hotels, business or residential developments that are designed to attract global attention. Emerton Group strategy of identifying the best and promoting its interests is by aligning with reputable companies with the concept of visionary and excellence.

Emerton Hospitalities (Pty) Ltd

Hotels and Accommodation