About Us

Emerton Group has concreted its position as the foremost holding company in South Africa. Our strategic emphasis is based on identifying optimum opportunities to invest and realize value from undervalued or underperforming assets. It’s this recognition of long-term business potential that has secured our company a leading position globally.

Our Vision

Emerton Group is one of the most diverse investment companies and has developed a cohesive, strong vision to lead our current and future strategy. Emerton Group’s investment strategy is employed across different sectors and markets on the basis of careful analysis of the local, regional and global markets dynamics. We have a complete understanding of the most promising investment opportunities in wide range of sectors including property, agriculture, food processing, financial services, manufacturing, logistics, construction, accommodation, engineering, mining, oil and gas.

Emerton Group’s Investment Strategy Is Established on Fundamental Investment Principles Which Are:

Long-term Investment Approach: We seek businesses with strong management teams and we strive for long-term investments that are capable of delivering exceptional returns on investment and delivering sustained growth. We continue to support management teams while seeking to be an active investor. These investment positions are big enough to offer Emerton Group a voice in the strategic management of our portfolio companies.

Investment in High-Performance and Leading Brands: We believe in the value of branding excellence and we work towards investing in the world’s known brands. We understand that established branding enhances predictive and stable earnings. Firms with recognized brands are more likely to focus on growth trends of the economy and globalization.

Focus on Growth and Value Added Industry: Our reputation has been achieved through our focus on growth sectors where we can add value. Mostly, these sectors are hotels and accommodation management companies, real estate, media and technology, banking and financial services, manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Extract Value from Underperforming Assets: Emerton Group is experienced in extracting and acquiring additional value from undervalued and underperforming assets. We seek opportunities with the potential to unlock value based on our management expertise and experienced of our management team.

Network of Contacts: Emerton Group has developed a wide range of contacts among business leaders throughout South Africa and globally. These contacts allow Emerton Group to gain access to exceptional investment opportunities and create collaborations among separate assets.

As a holding company with global interests, we’re dedicated to operating to the highest moral and ethical standards. This major goal is extended to our company’s ever-growing portfolio of investments.